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So, BlackBerry has just announced it's exciting the consumer market, focussing on the enterprise instead. Worse yet, it's cutting 4500 jobs, half its workforce, which is a statistic for us, but a disaster for those involved.

The company sold just 3.7 million smartphones in the second quarter, most of which ran the older BlackBerry 7 operating system instead of the new BlackBerry 10. This means the Z10 and Q10 have been unmitigated flops. Hardly surprising though - even random people such as myself knew BB10 was going to be a hard, if not impossible, sell.

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RE[4]: Surprised?
by ferrels on Mon 23rd Sep 2013 19:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Surprised?"
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Nope, you're still not getting it. So BB refocused and developed something they thought would sell. It didn't sell. And for good reasons. The products weren't good enough when compared to the competition (and the price) and consumers were smart enough to see that and didn't buy them. Sorry to inform you, but that's how the market works and you can whine about it being unfair til the cows come home. That won't change the fact that BB's efforts to refocus and come up with a competitive product fell short. And as I predicted, I see that they're being purchased. The news article tries to play it down like they're just going private, but this is an IP buyout and the company WILL be shut down.

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