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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris In light of the many misunderstandings about Linux, software repositories and installation of packages, part one of this season's Mandriva Linux 2006 review includes an extensive background article about it. It explains why the nature of Free Software leads to a more userfriendly software installation setup for Linux distributions in general, as compared to proprietary systems such as the current desktop market leader. The process is illustrated with Mandriva Linux tools. This first part of the Mandriva Linux 2006 review also contains information on the installation and benchmark figures against previous Mandriva/Mandrake products, amongst other things.
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RE[2]: thumbs down
by Temcat on Mon 7th Nov 2005 14:56 UTC in reply to "RE: thumbs down"
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"guaranteed free of malware"

Do you really think that all packages in the repository has undergone security audit by the packagers? DO you think they have time to check the code line-by-line? You're seriously misinformed then. I could easily sneak malware in 100 packages and nobody would notice. In most cases, you have to TRUST upstream anyway, so it's no different from the case when I download software from the developer's site.

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