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Apple I missed this one:

The 2012 patent trial that grabbed the most headlines was Apple's $1 billion win (since reduced) against Samsung. But Apple also suffered a major patent setback of its own last year when a patent-holding company called VirnetX won a $368 million verdict against the tech giant.

The consequences of Apple's loss are now starting to become clear. This month, testimony in a court hearing showed that not only is Apple facing royalty payments that could cost it many millions more, but it has already made changes to one of its premiere products, FaceTime - changes that reportedly have degraded the service's quality.

While I won't shed a tear for Apple losing a patent lawsuit, this does illustrate once more why the system is broken.

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RE[3]: Comment by Drumhellar
by darknexus on Wed 25th Sep 2013 12:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Drumhellar"
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People who don't subscribe to the floss-tard bull (bascially anyone over the age of 24 who isn't wearing socks with sandals) REALLY don't care. They want something that actually works, is available on just about everything, and we don't care if it costs money either.

While I basically agree with you, in this one case your anger is misdirected. The OP mentioned Apple's promise to make FaceTime an "open" protocol. Not an open *source* protocol, an open protocol as in allowing FaceTime to be available on other platforms perhaps by licensing said protocol. He then mentioned Skype in the same post, and made a flawed comparison. Skype is not an open protocol, however Skype themselves make apps for all their supported platforms. The end result is the same, but is achieved in a different way. The OP made a flawed comparison, was called on it and then you jumped in with a knee-jerk response. Open and open source are not synonymous, no matter what some zealots would like you to believe.

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