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Mobile devices are designed primarily as a modal experience. You use one app at a time, but can switch between them quickly. Multi-window interfaces and floating apps have been implemented a few times as an alternative, but most of these solutions are a bit clunky. Ixonos has released a new video demo of its multi-window technology, and it looks much better. If only we knew where to get it.

This is very awesome, and essentially very similar to Metro snapping - except with traditional windowing abilities, something Metro should have as well. They won't say who they are developing this for, but I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see Android applications running in a similar fashion on ChromeOS.

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Needs different controls
by tkeith on Wed 25th Sep 2013 13:06 UTC
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Although I rarely find myself needing multiple programs open on my Android device;(screen is too small and RAM is limited) I can definitely see the potential for the future.

Still for touch I think we need different controls than the old widgets in the corners. Seems pretty tedious to me. I see they've added an icon to the navigation bar. This is a good start, but it should make it so when you push the button you can resize, then push it again to lock them and lose the window controls. Unfortunately Samsung and maybe others don't use a navigation bar, so I guess they'll have to find their own way.

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