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Mobile devices are designed primarily as a modal experience. You use one app at a time, but can switch between them quickly. Multi-window interfaces and floating apps have been implemented a few times as an alternative, but most of these solutions are a bit clunky. Ixonos has released a new video demo of its multi-window technology, and it looks much better. If only we knew where to get it.

This is very awesome, and essentially very similar to Metro snapping - except with traditional windowing abilities, something Metro should have as well. They won't say who they are developing this for, but I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see Android applications running in a similar fashion on ChromeOS.

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by reduz on Wed 25th Sep 2013 15:38 UTC in reply to "Comment by Radio"
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That's kind of relative.

Most apps handle resizing anyway because when you switch from landscape to portrait, Android does in fact send a geometry change event. For OpenGL apps/games it would be completely transparent.

Also, most apps use layouts (otherwise dynamic DPI would be really difficult to handle) so adapting to this makes it even easier.

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