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I've been thinking a bit more about those iPhone 5C/5S weekend sales figures, and while it is certainly impressive, if you compare it to the iPhone 5's first weekend sales figures, it's actually quite a step backwards for Apple. The issue here - something many sites and even Apple itself doesn't want to focus on - is that the iPhone 5C/5S is available to a lot more people than the iPhone 5 was.

The iPhone 5 was available to 720 million people at launch, and sold 5 million units. This is a penetration of 0.69%. The iPhone 5C and 5S, however, are available to 2078 million people, and sold 9 million units, which constitutes a penetration of 0.43%. So, Apple has two new models to advertise and lure consumers with instead of one, and has a huge additional market (China) to address, yet it failed to capitalise on either of these two factors.

What this shows is that while the sales figure is still pretty darn impressive, it's not nearly as groundbreaking if you put it in perspective. Looking at it this way, the so-called record breaking 9 million figure can easily be explained away by Apple almost tripling its launch weekend audience, instead of an increasing popularity of the iPhone.

The only reason I'm writing this is to illustrate how numbers are entirely arbitrary, and it's easy to make silly comparisons and claim an arbitrary victory - or, change perspective a bit and claim arbitrary defeat, as I've done here.

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I read the financial reports, stake out a position, and make a prediction. I invest my own money into my positions. I reap good returns.

Most everybody else are just Monday morning quarter backs. I implore you, or anyone else for that matter to find a prediction I've made which has been off the mark.

I'm sorry, but buying stock is in no way any proof that you are not also a Monday morning quarter back. Lots and lots of sports fans also gamble on who wins the next match (and some of them even win a lot, like you claim to do), but that *still* makes them Monday morning quarterbacks.

Yes, it is becoming a bad habit of mine to pick on your posts. I know. I should learn to just ignore your constant random flames left and right.

Oh, and just for the record. We are *all* Monday morning quarterbacks. That's the entire point of this type of discussion forums!

I've pretty much called it this entire time. Come on, I mean look at last thread, we have people who don't understand CEO compensation and think its a grand conspiracy to sell to Microsoft. These are the special types I'm dealing with.

See, you could just have said this, without the flames, and almost everyone would have agreed with you. Or list the 5 most obvious reasons for why the Elop conspiracy theory is so incredibly far fetched (such as Microsoft losing more on a Nokia death than they win). Then again, why bother. It is the equivalent of trying to convince a 9/11 denier that terrorists really did fly planes into those buildings. ;)

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