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So there you have it - ads are very likely going to be part of Gmail soon. After all, it seems almost silly to not monetize a core app with an absolutely massive install base - between 500 million and a billion. I just hope these ads won't be overly intrusive, and from the looks of things, the Gmail team is approaching the situation with care.

Ads on my Android Gmail application? Seriously, Google?


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RE[2]: You're kidding right???
by leos on Sun 29th Sep 2013 03:43 UTC in reply to "RE: You're kidding right???"
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"Stop the nitpick for once! There's no free lunch!
Somebody works, somebody pays. You want everything for free and no ads? Common...

Last time I checked I paid for my Android phone. So from my point of view I did pay money and I expect an ad-free mail app as part of the bargain.That is what I get if I buy an iPhone or a Windows Phone.

Yes but you paid less. Apple makes their profit on hardware. Their business depends on high user satisfaction, so that people will be willing to pay a premium for the devices. There is no need (and in fact would be counterproductive) to put advertising into core apps because that would drive people away from the platform.

Google makes money on advertising. After all, how much money could they possibly be making by selling something like the Nexus 4 for $200? So you buy the hardware, but you are only covering their costs. They make money from you in retrospect with advertising.

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