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So there you have it - ads are very likely going to be part of Gmail soon. After all, it seems almost silly to not monetize a core app with an absolutely massive install base - between 500 million and a billion. I just hope these ads won't be overly intrusive, and from the looks of things, the Gmail team is approaching the situation with care.

Ads on my Android Gmail application? Seriously, Google?


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RE[3]: Comment by Soulbender
by aligatro on Sun 29th Sep 2013 16:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Soulbender"
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"Google gets cut of every app sold in the play market

That revenue stream is barely self sustaining.

Android Manufacturers who wish to sell android devices with Google services

We don't know if they charge for Google services. CyanogenMOD certainly does not pay for their version.

"Barely sustaining" They take a freaking 30% cut from all sales. Also most free apps are monetized by Google ads.

CyanogenMOD DOESN'T come with Google apps, you have to download and install them after you install firmware.

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