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I'm proud to announce that, at last, the package management branch has been merged into the main development line, aka master branch. The builds and nightly images from hrev46113 on will include the new feature.

I only notice now that I should probably have given Matt a heads-up upfront, since due to the somewhat changed build process the build bot will need an update. So there might be a bit of a delay until the first Haiku PM nightly images will hit the website. Sorry for that.

Onwards to beta 1.

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by cipri on Fri 4th Oct 2013 00:13 UTC
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haiku is making good progress, but my concerns are that if the trend goes like this the traditional laptops are going to become more like tablets. (I'm also today using a bluetooth keyboard for my ultrabook, so why would i not use a tablet with such a bluetooth keyboard if needed). Once the tablet makes more advances, and also handwriting becomes better on tablets, it can happen that the traditional laptops could start to be not that popular. (not to speak about the missing port to arm, since most tablets are running on arm).

The biggest problem of haiku is perhaps that it has not chrome running on it, and is very very unlikely that it will be ever ported (and maintained).

speech recognition and google now on the desktop might also become useful and more popular, and haiku again will not be able to benefit from google chrome,etc....

Let's see what the future brings... but at least it is nice to see an operating system that is somehow a little different to the others, coming up with own solutions.

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