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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Whether or not the Open fits your needs, one thing is clear: Mozilla needs more capable hardware to demonstrate Firefox OS' potential. The Open is good for someone whose alternative would be a basic flip phone, but the camera quality, connectivity, display and performance don't do full justice to the software.

A promising start, but clearly better hardware is needed. I'm really hoping Firefox OS gets a fair shot.

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by joekiser on Fri 4th Oct 2013 00:18 UTC
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I would love to have FirefoxOS, but it's a chicken-egg scenario: I want good hardware to go along with it, but device manufacturers won't start supporting FirefoxOS until it shows it can sell.

I would migrate from Android to FirefoxOS in heartbeat if it came with quality hardware. I came from a Nokia N8 so my expectations are high. I was a laggard in the modern smartphone migration; only this year did I move to Android, and it was chosen over the other two options because it had Firefox.

For me, ZTE is a no-no. They have a history of not providing updates, and have admitted to a history of hardware backdoors in their phones. From following the Firefox forums, there are still bugs in ZTE's implementation that were patched a long time ago in the mainline OS. Not good for a phone titled "Open."

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