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Manual window management is awful. Windows 8 ditched windows in favor of fullscreen apps. Traditional desktop window paradigms are powerful but obsolete.

Windows 9 unifies previous contrasting paradigms, taking design cues from all platforms and recent innovations.

Just an unofficial design concept, but damn, this is sexy. This is exactly what Windows needs - a combination of the old and new, leading to something seemingly far more usable than the monstrosity that is Metro in Windows 8.

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RE: what can I say
by bassbeast on Fri 4th Oct 2013 01:19 UTC in reply to "what can I say"
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This is why I said the best thing that could happen to MSFT is they break it up...I mean look at that crap, lets cut the bull, okay? YOU know what its about, I know what its about, we ALL know this is about shoving tablet and cellphone onto the desktop because nobody wants the WinPhone!

This is nothing but a repeat of WinCE, where they jammed an itty bitty desktop onto the cellphone for years, didn't work then, not gonna work now. if they don't split up the company (preferably while putting Sinofsky who was fired for saying sticking a cellphone on the desktop was dumb head of Windows and Office) and instead just put in elop and go full moron ahead? sell your stock, look into alternatives, they are dead, over,done, the fat lasy will be down the street eating a sammich!

I can tell you all the little shops in my area have stopped even carrying win 8 systems, nobody wants 'em. you go to many of the websites and you'll see "Not ready to switch? we have Win 7!!" in bold letters. You can't force a set of handlebars on a pickup and call it "innovation" because its dumb, and you can't take a UI designed for low res devices that sit in your lap and stick it on a 30 inch non touch widescreen because that too its dumb. And sticking a touchscreen on a desktop or laptop IS REATRDED, trying holding your arm straight for a half hour...hurts don't it? tablets are held like a book, its natural, its comfortable, laptops and desktops have VERTICAL screens so it is NOT in any way pleasant!

Sorry about the rant but its gotten bad enough i'm praying valve figures out how to fix the Linux driver mess, as MSFT seems bound and determined to burn the company to the ground.

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