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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Whether or not the Open fits your needs, one thing is clear: Mozilla needs more capable hardware to demonstrate Firefox OS' potential. The Open is good for someone whose alternative would be a basic flip phone, but the camera quality, connectivity, display and performance don't do full justice to the software.

A promising start, but clearly better hardware is needed. I'm really hoping Firefox OS gets a fair shot.

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RE: Don't care much for it
by Fergy on Fri 4th Oct 2013 07:27 UTC in reply to "Don't care much for it"
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While it's good that there's a truly open choice, the fact remains that it's an OS built around HTML. Me no comprendo. I thought webos taught us that this was a bad idea. Even they had to relent, and all the major apps used native code. It's just a stupid idea, i'm sorry. An ugly hack. Keep HTML and JS to the browser, please.

The reason webos failed is because only Palm could use it and they released bad phones. On top of that most of the world couldn't even buy the phones because they were only released to important countries.
The reason webos failed is because they did not work together. The webstandards they needed they had to make themselves. And because they were the only one using those standards nobody but webos developers would use them.

Clearly Palm did not understand the web. It is all about sharing and working together.

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