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Manual window management is awful. Windows 8 ditched windows in favor of fullscreen apps. Traditional desktop window paradigms are powerful but obsolete.

Windows 9 unifies previous contrasting paradigms, taking design cues from all platforms and recent innovations.

Just an unofficial design concept, but damn, this is sexy. This is exactly what Windows needs - a combination of the old and new, leading to something seemingly far more usable than the monstrosity that is Metro in Windows 8.

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... and this is a step FORWARD?!?
by deathshadow on Fri 4th Oct 2013 08:25 UTC
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For some bizarre reason developers right now are trying to change out things that just don't need changing -- Windows has done this a lot the past decade, instead of fixing what people want fixed they try goofy animated BS, goofy reskins, and neutering functionality to try and ... well, I'm not sure what. It almost starts to feel like Hollyweird re-imaginings that change everything and have so little to do with the original, you can't help but ask "what, too afraid it sucks to launch it under it's own title?". It often seems like people working from existing material become so obsessed with drawing in new people, they alienate their existing audience... a stupid move when you have dominance of a specific market.

See the steaming pile of crippleware known as Chrome with the Opera logo slapped on it any old way...

Maybe I'm weird, but I consider Windows 98 the 'pinnacle' of desktop interface design -- and most everything since has been steps backwards in usability. I mean it's not bad enough I've yet to see a file manager for *nix that apart from LFN support wasn't even as capable as Windows 2.0... but on the Windows side 'designers' just keep crapping all over something that worked just fine as is. When my maternal grandmother was able to master Windows 98 FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, leave the damned UI alone!!! IT'S DONE!

It's like throwing out the word "obsolete" on something that works great. One of the keys to 'obsolete' is for there to be something better -- and for the desktop there ISN'T -- at least not if you do anything more than herpaderp out l33t on Twitter, talk to the family on fb, game and spank it to porn. You do anything more than that, and half-assed idiotic moronic BULL like Metro or this Windows 9 proposal is little more than crippleware.

I'm sure it's great on fullscreen handhelds and touch devices, but screwing the entire existing userbase who has no plans to abandon the desktop (even while using those devices) to enter that market is NOT a sound battle plan.

Much of it probably stems from the LIE of system sales being down indicating less desktop users. The question is why buy a new system when you don't need to. There's a marketing concept called 'saturation' -- you have bursts of sales when there's a legitimate reason to buy a new one, but once everyone who wants one has one, sales peter out. SERIOUSLY, if you aren't a die-hard gamer and have a four or five year old i7, what SERIOUS benefit is there to buying a new system until it breaks? Unless you're sitting around video trans-coding all day, it's overpriced bullshit nobody should be wasting money on. Much less how many people are continuing to use older systems just because they lack the knowledge to rip the steaming pile of **** known as 8 off the system? The basic lie is that sales indicates the number of users -- which is the same lie as saying that browser market share says there are a fraction the IE users today than there were in 2004. Dropping from 92% market share to 25% sounds impressive -- when you realize that the number of Internet users was only 700 million at that 92% and the 25% is out of 2.8 Billion it becomes a complete lie if you do the math. (686 million vs. 700 million). Amazing how you can gain users while losing share.

I get the feeling the people making these decisions are falling for the same type of lies. They're using desktop PC sales as a indicator of users -- 100% fiction if ever there was.

... also I get the feeling Thom is a tubby chaser; sexy? This ain't it for a DESKTOP system. Looks more like a ten foot TV interface; and that's a bad thing unless you happen to be designing controls for a TV.

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