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Samsung's Galaxy Gear television advertisement bears a resemblance to the original iPhone advertisement.

This made me smile, though:

There is just no shame - or original ideas - in this company at all.

Yeah! Except for display technology. Oh, and except for microprocessor design. And, of course, they are a driving force in memory chip design. Well, yeah, except for all those things from which virtually every computer product today benefits - Apple or otherwise - Samsung has absolutely no innovative ideas at all. What have the Romans done for us, indeed.

I don't care about Samsung any more than I care about other companies, but to shove the company's contributions to technology aside just because you lack the capacity to grasp the kind of more bare metal innovation they do just makes you look like an idiot.

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RE[6]: Pot & Kettle
by Soulbender on Tue 8th Oct 2013 08:58 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Pot & Kettle"
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Apple stole nothing unless the concept was somehow copyrighted.

Every work of art is automatically copyrighted.

Because I guess you know the "artists copy, great artists steal" mantra from Picasso quoted by Steve Jobs, but I would bet you don't understand it as many.

Well, you obviously do not understand it.

Apple is a great artist and Samsung an artist. Whether or not you can see the difference is your problem.

Sorry, stealing an idea is stealing an idea. It doesn't matter who you steal it from. Stealing..oh sorry, allow me to correct myself..."getting inspiration" from an artist does not make you a greater artist than someone who gets "inspired" by a competitor.

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