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Samsung's Galaxy Gear television advertisement bears a resemblance to the original iPhone advertisement.

This made me smile, though:

There is just no shame - or original ideas - in this company at all.

Yeah! Except for display technology. Oh, and except for microprocessor design. And, of course, they are a driving force in memory chip design. Well, yeah, except for all those things from which virtually every computer product today benefits - Apple or otherwise - Samsung has absolutely no innovative ideas at all. What have the Romans done for us, indeed.

I don't care about Samsung any more than I care about other companies, but to shove the company's contributions to technology aside just because you lack the capacity to grasp the kind of more bare metal innovation they do just makes you look like an idiot.

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RE[5]: blind fools
by theinonen on Tue 8th Oct 2013 19:11 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: blind fools"
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I am writing this with my RISC OS box, so can not quote as no javascript etc.

My point is exactly that, nowdays you see Apple products everywhere and as they turn into commodity products they will inevitably lose their premium status in the process. If every other person and their dog has something it will be less desirable and too common for the others.

Apple has always been the good guys vs big bad Microsoft and that has also been beneficial for their success. People wanted choices and Apple gave them just that what they wanted. However tide is turning and Apple is with their recent actions appearing to be the biggest evil of them all. Nobody likes bullies and their succes will eventually turn against them. I can see similar fate waiting them as what happened to Nokia.

Problem with selling dreams is that eventually people will have to wake up into reality.

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