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Linux "Simplifying software installation is a popular pastime for Linux developers. It has given us useful tools like Synaptic, YUM, checkinstall, and autopackage. A new kid on the block, Klik, approaches the problem differently, by avoiding the installation altogether."
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I dont understand why people are looking for this "one click install" for Linux, (it's not in windows anyway). Open up Synaptic in ubuntu, YaST in SuSE and you can install software much faster and easier. Klik is a good idea but dont always work and has limited software.

Ya if you download a file can you use Yast to install it, as far as I know you can't. I would love to get the new mozilla and click and install. Not a .rpm not a bleepen source file. Why is it so hard for you "smarter" then "windows" linux users to get such a simple request? I want to download a .whatever file & click, setup & install.

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