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Until now, Google hasn't talked about malware on Android because it did not have the data or analytic platform to back its security claims. But that changed dramatically today when Google's Android Security chief Adrian Ludwig reported data showing that less than an estimated 0.001% of app installations on Android are able to evade the system's multi-layered defenses and cause harm to users. Android, built on an open innovation model, has quietly resisted the locked down, total control model spawned by decades of Windows malware. Ludwig spoke today at the Virus Bulletin conference in Berlin because he has the data to dispute the claims of pervasive Android malware threats.

This is exactly the kind of data we need, and Google has revealed it all. So, less than 0.001% of application installations on Android - and this specifically includes applications outside of Google Play! - are able to get through Android's multiple layers of security. In other words, saying Android is insecure is a lie.

Thanks to OSNews reader tkeith for pointing out this article.

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Good job at trying to derail the thread into your own universe, but let's stick to the context you provided yourself.

None of the Nexus devices is made by Google. Not a single one! And most are sold via channels bypassing Google.
Motorola is a minor player, who's numbers would not boost or undermine the "over a billion" statement. The reason why Motorola don't disclose is embarrassment for the low sales.

Are you ok? Saying Google doesn't make the Nexus phones is like saying Apple doesn't make the iPhone cause Foxconn puts it together. Because they commission LG at this time to make them, they know exactly how many they sell, they are Google branded and they are mostly sold from Googles Nexus site! No excuse not to give numbers.

But! You are right the Nexus sales are also an embarrassment which is why they don't give the sales numbers the same as for Moto.

And Samsung is a MAJOR player but they don't give sales numbers ether so that's no excuse.

That link you are providing links back to the post I linked. In all your rage you are not thinking straight.
Let alone, you are proving that an activation is in the absolute majority a sale. Google services are activated when a user logs in into their Google account of the phone.

All I can say is Wow to this. If I GIVE my brother my Android phone and he puts his Google account on it, that's counted as an activation! Where in there is a sale?? Come on use your brain. And this undermines the billion number because a lot of activation's are not sales.

You should ask the media outlets why they pick it up, since the bi-weekly updates of those charts don't pop-up as PR on Google's official PR site.

Huh? How do you think the Media picked up on it?? Google talks about those numbers all the time! Also there are TONS of things people at Google say to the press that are not on the official PR site. How about what Eric Schmidt said the other night about Android security being better then the iPhone is that on the official PR site?? Noooooo.

Here's the link:
Does the word developer in the URL mean something to you other than a developer?

Do you have anything else you want to vent about and display your astounding lack of knowledge?

Keep up, I said put it IN the developers site, not ON the developers site. I know its tough sometimes to tell the difference between IN and ON but IN as inside where developers log in and not ON where the public and from you the "press" can get to it. LOL!

I think you just want to hop on my post to have something to say but so far you have been loud and wrong.

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