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Samsung has taken the wrapper off its rumored smartphone with a curved OLED display. The Galaxy Round, which will launch on SK Telecom in South Korea, has a 5.7-inch 1080p screen the same size as seen on the company's Galaxy Note 3, but there's a difference - it curves on the vertical axis in a similar fashion to some of Samsung's OLED TVs.

Technologically interesting, but otherwise, I fail to see the point. The screen itself is probably more resilient than traditional ones, but since I'm assuming it has a glass cover, that aspect becomes moot. Also, it just looks weird.

Then again, everyone doubted the Note - now it's a legitimate category and the Note series alone sold more than 40 million devices, so what do I know.

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RE: what. the. hell.
by Radio on Wed 9th Oct 2013 21:50 UTC in reply to "what. the. hell."
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my Nexus S had a curved display
No. Its screen is flat, with a very slightly curved glass layer on top. The Galaxy Round is really curved, with a much more pronounced curve too.

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