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Apple The momentum generated by Apple's iPod digital music players and related products continues to translate into new Macintosh sales according to one Wall Street analyst who estimates that over one million Windows users have purchased a Mac in the first three quarters of 2005.
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It has always been temping, but
by Edward on Mon 7th Nov 2005 17:58 UTC
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1. Can I get a Apple Mother board when they go intel or do I need a whole new system (Mac graphic card) I never got why you just couldn't get a Mac graphic driver.

2. The OS is $120 even for upgrades right?

3. Will my PC software work for mac when they go intel, ofcourse I have AMD so I would need a new case.

4, I would still beable to use my Intelimouse Explorer (USB) right? That Mac mouse looks like a pain to use.

5. Hate to say it, but I am kind of tired of linux as a alt. os.

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