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Until now, Google hasn't talked about malware on Android because it did not have the data or analytic platform to back its security claims. But that changed dramatically today when Google's Android Security chief Adrian Ludwig reported data showing that less than an estimated 0.001% of app installations on Android are able to evade the system's multi-layered defenses and cause harm to users. Android, built on an open innovation model, has quietly resisted the locked down, total control model spawned by decades of Windows malware. Ludwig spoke today at the Virus Bulletin conference in Berlin because he has the data to dispute the claims of pervasive Android malware threats.

This is exactly the kind of data we need, and Google has revealed it all. So, less than 0.001% of application installations on Android - and this specifically includes applications outside of Google Play! - are able to get through Android's multiple layers of security. In other words, saying Android is insecure is a lie.

Thanks to OSNews reader tkeith for pointing out this article.

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I am looking at my Nexus for and NOWHERE does it say Google. Nexus and LG figure prominently. LG designed the hardware. LG certified it. LG handles warranty. It's made by LG.

iPhone is in fact made by Apple. Apple designed the device inside-out. Apple certifies it. Apple has it's name and logo on it. Apple handles warranty. There is no indication that Foxconn made it and if it were made by HonHai tomorrow there would be no change to the device.

Good try again. In the end the original fact and statement I made still holds. Google commissions LG to make the current Nexus phones for them and they are sold through Google's site and the inventory is paid for by Google. Google knows every single Nexus phone sold. AND I am not letting you slide on the Motorola point. Google MAKES phones as the owner of Moto.

Seriously? I thought you lot died out already. This discussion is from 2011!!! Read the sources you are linking to and stop bringing up the things that were put to rest almost 2 years ago.

Again I am right and you are wrong on this but if you want to believe Andy missing in action Ruben as a Google fan boy you can. Fact is an activation is any time a new google account is added to an Android phone. Those are not all sales.

Not even in those semi-formal statements do they disclose those numbers. The media s***storm is not same as official statements.

Again Google posts the numbers up there for the world to see, if they didn't want them to be used they would just post them in your developers console. Simple. But they want the numbers to be seen and they tweaked them to look better. Also they used them as talking points at conferences, media events and the like.

There is no login into the developer site. There is no "in developer site".

What do you mean there is no log in? HUH? Are you that dumb. You have to log into your developers account console to publish apps etc. You can't just come to the site and do that without logging in. LOL! Thats worst then the lack of common sense that you used in saying that Google doesn't make phones so it shouldn't have a count when they make phones through Moto and pay LG to make Nexus phones. LOL!

Again you just wanted to jump on my post. And again no logic! You don't log IN to your developers account?? Really. LOL! Got a good laugh out of me on that one.

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