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Paul Thurrot has a number of rumours up about Windows Phone 8.1. Two stand out to me.

Where GDR3 is widely expected to support 5- to 6-inch screens, 8.1 will supposedly support 7- to 10-inch screens as well. This obviously infringes on Windows RT/8.x tablets, so it's not clear what the thinking is there.

So, Windows RT will become even more pointless than it already is.

Aping the iPhone navigation model, Microsoft will apparently remove the Back button from the Windows Phone hardware specification with 8.1. The Back button just doesn't make sense, I was told: Users navigate away from an app by pressing the Start button and then open a new app, just like they do on iPhone. And the "back stack" is ill-understood by users: Most don't realize what they're doing when they repeatedly hit the Back button.

This I am not happy with. The back button is my main navigational input in both Android and Windows Phone, and I miss it dearly in iOS.

I'm just hoping on performance improvements, still my biggest issue with Windows Phone. I used my HTC 8X for a few hours today, and I was stunned by just how slow everything is compared to Android 4.3. Of course, application quality is another huge issue, but there's little Microsoft can do to convince developers that their Windows Phone applications are more than just side projects done between serious work on Android and iOS.

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Been using WP8 the previous months
by reduz on Wed 9th Oct 2013 23:50 UTC
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And I just can't wait to get back to Android. It sucks, It just plain sucks. I'm waiting for whathever comes next after Nexus 4 and abandoning WP ship.

I had such high hopes for it initially, but after some more months with it, I despise it.

It's just not there, it's so difficult to use, so confusing, here's a list of everything I hate from the top of my head.

-Still full of bugs, a year and many updates later.

-Worst multitasking since iPhone 1. Apps take a long time to switch (switching is instant on Android and iOS by now) and most of them don't even remeber state properly. This is unacceptable.

-Worst browser ever, can't save a single page in the cache. Leave a page loading or opened and go do something else, go back to read your pages and BAM can't load page error, even when it opened a few seconds ago.

-Worst map ever, go check some addres to enter it in maps, go back. Horray! it forgot previous state. Almost everything forgets previous state on Windows Phone when you multitask.

-Calling someone not on your recent list? check this usability win. Tap: Phone -> Addres Book -> Search -> tap contact -> tap call. Five taps to call. Why can't they like android and have call/search combined?

-Oh also, search button is not contextual it always opens Bing. Yeah, and they add another search button identical to the physical one on screens that have search. I find myself on Bing all the time i want to search thinking.. "eh.. what was I doing? how did i get here?"

-Apps suck and most useful ones (unlike ios and Android) are not only paid but pretty expensive. And yet they still work like shit because most are written for WP7 (Resuming....)

-Live tiles are a nice idea but they and bg notifications are implemented as a background process, so you may get a notification, then run out of signal (as is usual on third world countries like mine) and not be able to see what you received, because the app needs to fetch the msgs again (skype, gchat for example).

-Why can't I see the battery and network icon all the time? I have to go to the main screen THEN swipe down from the top to see it. Nothing is using that space anyway!! Why not display it all the time? This seriously pisses me off because combining the terrible multitasking with having to go to main screen and back is bad, but then forcing me to swipe down? why??? ;)

-Did I mention it's full of bugs? stupid bugs like not being able to answer calls. It's not like the phone freezes, the answer button I can pressed normally but does nothing! And also, swiping up the screensaver gets stuck, only goes up a few centimeters and i can't disable it, like if it was physically stuck!

I could go on like this forever.
Short story, I hate it, I don't understand how "customer satisfaction" is high. I can understand that there's plenty of crap Android phones out there, but the medium to high end ones blow away Windows Phone in any way.

Windows Phone 8 sucks. At the rate Microsoft is improving it, it will take at least 2 or 3 more years until it's usable as, say, Android 2.3.

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