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Valve issued a video demonstrating its Steam Controller today. The game pad, which features two track pads in lieu of joysticks, is used for its series of Steam Machines, announced in September.

Looks good.

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A controller for the pc on the tv
by bob_bipbip on Sat 12th Oct 2013 18:34 UTC
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I think a lot of people here are failing to see what do we have here.
It is obviously not a pc controller. PC gamers uses mouse and keyboard. But you have to remember who is steam, and what they are trying to achieve. They are a pc software shop who is trying to enter the tv - couch segment.
First, they built the software, the couch interface wich can be used with gamepad, and now devices to plug on the tv. The "piston - steambox" thing is easy to understand, but this controller here is not for just playing games on tv, gamepad are here for that, but to play mouse and keyboard centric pc games on the tv, without the need of mouse and keyboard, which were mandatory for such games.
In that case, this device is pretty efficient.

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