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The roll-out of the previous update - GDR2 - isn't even complete (thank you, carriers), and Microsoft is already pushing out the next one, GDR3. This update for Windows Phone 8 is the last one before 8.1 comes out next year, and brings with it a number of small improvements, such a close button in the multitasking view, a driving mode, support for newer hardware and 1080p displays, a rotation lock, and more.

There's no telling as of yet when Windows Phone 8 users will be getting the update, but non-branded phones will most likely get it first. On top of that, if you're a Windows Phone developer, you can get the update straight away.

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RE[6]: Why the delays?
by mkone on Mon 14th Oct 2013 21:52 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Why the delays?"
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"That's lame. I'm not really upset that Apple gets that privilege, just that its not available to others.

No reason it couldn't be, but the way the mobile handset market is handled right now is flawed. To fix this, carriers need to be reduced to the dumb data pipes they truly are and all phone subsidies/rentals would need to end.

Here in the UK, you now get contracts like the O2 refresh, which basically sells the phone to you for the list price, but allows you to pay for it over a period of time interest free. Of course, you would then have to sign up to a contract of the appropriate length.

The market is already moving that way.

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