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This is not a joke. Let me repeat: this is not a joke.

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by WorknMan on Mon 14th Oct 2013 22:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Radio"
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Furthermore, the importance to aesthetics is especially depressing. I f'ng worked 70 hours a week as a 14 year old for four months just for a video game system. I worked for six months for a portable cd player. I probably would have done anything legal for a portable device as powerful as they are today. But all you hear is "oh its a black slab... BORING!". Such spoiled brats we all are.

Well, you know... it's gotta be sexy, or we just can't have anything to do with it. I gotta make sure my gadgets come in a certain color, because, hey... that's how I express my individuality ;) And anything that comes in plastic ought to be outlawed.

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