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The stock launcher in Android 4.4 is getting a version number bump - from 3.x to 4.x - and it's also renamed to Google Experience. On top of that, something interesting is happening.

There's another interesting thing happening here. If you take a look at stock Android 4.3, you will see that the current launcher's package name is The new one is Now look at Google's current selection of apps in the Play Store. Almost all of them start with "" instead of ""


I'm not saying with 100% certainty that we're going to see the launcher released to the Play Store, but to me, it certainly looks like it. At least eventually and not necessarily with KitKat.

Other currently integrated parts of Android also receive the name change in their packages. It seems like Google is finally doing what it should have done ages ago. If you can't get device makers and carriers to update Android, just put as much of Android as possible in the Play Store. If this also allows crapware-riddled devices from e.g. Samsung to be converted to proper stock, then that's a big plus too.

Please let this be true.

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RE: Developer Experience
by FunkyELF on Wed 16th Oct 2013 12:06 UTC in reply to "Developer Experience"
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- Provide a NDK that isn't a second class citzen

- Maybe bring Dart or Go to Android as well

I'm all for adding new languages but they should be able to be compiled like renderscript is, into an agnostic llvm bytecode.

Look at all the ARM specific stuff that won't run on Intel based Android.

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