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I think many who extol Android's flexibility fall into the tinkerer category, including some tech bloggers. They love all the ways they can customize their phones, not because they're seeking some perfect setup, but because they can swap in a new launcher every week. That's fun for them; but they've made the mistake of not understanding how their motivation differs from the rest of us.

A whopping 70%-80% of the world's smartphone owners have opted for Android over iOS. You could easily argue that 3-4 years ago, when Android was brand new, that it was for early adopters and tinkerers. To still trot out this ridiculous characterisation now that Android is on the vast majority of smartphones sold is borderline insanity.

Choice is not Android's problem. People who assume out of a misplaced arrogance that they represent the average consumer are the problem.

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RE[2]: It's cheap
by Tony Swash on Wed 16th Oct 2013 13:20 UTC in reply to "RE: It's cheap"
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"That's why it's been adopted so broadly. Nothing more, nothing less. Android phones, depending on the model, are some of the cheapest smart phones a person can purchase right now.

The most popular Android phones are expensive flagships. That makes no sense.

None of my friends or family are likely to ever buy an Android phone again.

Virtually everyone I know with an Android phone has a high-end one. I've never even seen any of the low-end devices you speak of.

Then again, Samsung has a 75% market share in The Netherlands, driven almost exclusively by the Galaxy SII/III/4.

In terms of global sales the vast Asian markets are a very significant proportion of the Android market. Those sales are usually listed as 'Other' in Android sales by vendor tables. The 'Other' category is often the largest.

This is a good example:

Note that the Galaxy range only seems to account for about a half of the Samsung phone sales total.

Not many of those 'Other' phones are high end. What is happening is that low cost Android phones are replacing dumb phones. Because quite a few of those new smart phone owners are not actually seeking to upgrade to a smart phone to use it as a computing or app platform (they just want to replace an old phone, get a bigger better screen, etc) there is relatively low level platform engagement amongst many of these up-graders.

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