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I think many who extol Android's flexibility fall into the tinkerer category, including some tech bloggers. They love all the ways they can customize their phones, not because they're seeking some perfect setup, but because they can swap in a new launcher every week. That's fun for them; but they've made the mistake of not understanding how their motivation differs from the rest of us.

A whopping 70%-80% of the world's smartphone owners have opted for Android over iOS. You could easily argue that 3-4 years ago, when Android was brand new, that it was for early adopters and tinkerers. To still trot out this ridiculous characterisation now that Android is on the vast majority of smartphones sold is borderline insanity.

Choice is not Android's problem. People who assume out of a misplaced arrogance that they represent the average consumer are the problem.

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RE[7]: It's cheap
by ricegf on Thu 17th Oct 2013 21:53 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: It's cheap"
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According to the report, about 8.2% of families in America are "unbanked" and use options such as pre-paid debit cards or cash instead, considering them more convenient, less costly, and more flexible than dealing with a bank. Non-bank transactions are also often anonymous, similar to pre-paid cell phones, often valued by the roughly 10 million undocumented workers and some libertarians who prefer to live off-grid.

As to cell plan costs, the standard single-person plan on T-Mobile (my carrier) is $50 a month for unlimited voice, text, and data when you provide your own phone. My family includes 4 smartphones with unlimited everything for $127 a month total - just over $30 each - including the endless list of taxes and fees.

Trying to figure out where the above $100+ claims originate, I tried to run an iPhone 5s single-person plan on Verizon, but it kept changing my pre-pay-for-phone order to a $40/month phone charge and $40/month plan charge for unlimited voice/text and 500 MB data, resulting in an $80/month estimated bill sans taxes and fees.

I'm suspicious that the "Americans pay more than $100 a month!" claims include financing for top of the line phones, compared to European plans that I understand typically don't. The $40-$50 per single plan and $30 per person in a family plan is still a bit higher than the 20€ quoted above - but remember we're a bit more spread out here than over there. Well, a lot more than a bit, actually. ;-)

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