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Jorma Ollila, ex-chairman of Nokia, admits Windows Phone was the wrong choice.

While Nokia brought in Elop and focused on Windows Phone, Ollila admits Microsoft's software hasn't helped the company. "We were not successful in using Microsoft's operating system to create competitive products, or an alternative to the two dominant companies in the field", he says, while noting it's "impossible to say what would have happened to the company if different decisions had been made in early 2011 or at some other time."

As if failing sales, a terrible financial situation, and a sale to Microsoft weren't enough evidence to conclude Windows Phone was the wrong choice for Nokia, we now have it straight from Nokia itself.

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Would Android have faired better? Or Meego?
by tony on Fri 18th Oct 2013 01:32 UTC
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Would Nokia have done any better with Android? It will always be a case of hindsight is 20/20, but I don't believe it would have. After all, established Android brands (HTC, LG, Motorola) are having a terrible time in the market, despite good phones.

Samsung and Apple have pretty much locked up the market. Samsung has the market share, and Apple I believe still has most of the profits (with Samsung talking almost all of what Apple doesn't).

Could Nokia have cracked the Android code that could have it compete with Samsung? Perhaps, but I think it somewhat unlikely.

What about Meego? I've never played with it, so I can't really say other than the reviews I've read (most seemed to say it showed promise/needed polish to a greater or lesser extent). There weren't really any apps for it at that point, and they would have had a challenge to get developers to put time and money into it. Microsoft has been (quite literally in many cases) begging developers to port to WP, and it's slow going. BlackBerry's app store was a shit-show of fake apps and few bignames.

It's all armchair CEOing at this point. The damage was certainly done, but I wonder if any moves the company could have made when they brought on Elop would have saved the company. I think the damage had been done earlier, mismanagement, hubris, and denial.

But again, all speculation. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

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