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Less than a year ago we were preparing to launch Windows 8, which introduced our vision of highly personalized mobile computing. And here we are today announcing the global availability of Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving the product to create a richer customer experience. We are excited to have customers start updating their devices today and getting to experience new Windows devices this holiday season.

Out now for free for everyone with Windows 8.

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RE[2]: Eating humble pie...
by ze_jerkface on Fri 18th Oct 2013 05:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Eating humble pie..."
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Any sort of change that is enforced however beneficial, is strongly opposed because it requires some learning.

So if I force a UI on your desktop that goes into "rave mode" every 5 minutes where your icons spin around and you have to chase them down to restart your programs, it would still be beneficial since it is "change"?

You know there is actually something called productivity and Sinofsky didn't once explain how Metro improves productivity over the start menu. In fact he deleted points that showed how certain tasks required more clicks and or longer mouse strokes.

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