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After the customary six months of incubation, Ubuntu 13.10 - codenamed Saucy Salamander - has hatched. The new version of the popular Linux distribution brings updated applications and several new features, including augmented search capabilities in the Unity desktop shell.

Although Saucy Salamander offers some useful improvements, it's a relatively thin update. XMir, the most noteworthy item on the 13.10 roadmap, was ultimately deferred for inclusion in a future release. Canonical's efforts during the Saucy development cycle were largely focused on the company's new display server and upcoming Unity overhaul, but neither is yet ready for the desktop.

It's also the first version available for phones. Well, for the Nexus 4.

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RE: Real News agout an OS
by bassbeast on Sun 20th Oct 2013 12:24 UTC in reply to "Real News agout an OS"
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Win 8.1, SteamOS, Android..plenty of OSNews of late.

That said until Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular can fix the frankly abysmal driver situation? Then Linux on the desktop will remain lower than the margin for error.

For an easy to replicate example take any old machine, or make a partition on your current one and take the "Hairyfeet Challenge". Its really easy and shows what a mess Linux drivers are and actually tries to tip things in favor of Linux by only requiring HALF the support a standard Windows release gets.

Oh and before anybody says "it isn't a fair test because you don't/can't upgrade Windows" show me a distro that gets a decade of patches WITHOUT upgrading or paying an insane yearly license and I'll concede the point, until then the only way to keep patches current is to jump on the upgrade treadmill.

Download the version of your distro from 5 years ago and install it,making sure all the drivers are working, in the case of Ubuntu this would be 10.10 which just FYI support ended in 2012, and then upgrade to current using ONLY the GUI, no CLI or "open Bash and type" allowed as Joe Average doesn't have the skills nor desire to learn CLI and frankly in 2013 they shouldn't have to. If you do this on most systems what you'll end up with is a broken mess, even bog standard hardware like Realtek and Via will often end up with trashed drivers which again in 2013 ia aimply unacceptable.

If you want to know why Linux desktop adoption is lower than the margin for error,even when MSFT puts out the most hated release since MSBob? Its the drivers,its a mess. Say what you will about MSFT but I just recently retired my old nettop at the shop, we are talking about a circa 2003 Sempron that went from XP RTM - last patch Tuesday, know how many broken drivers I had with no less than 3 SPs and countless patches? NONE.

And THAT is what you are competing against, until I as a system builder and retailer can slap the latest Ubuntu on a desktop or laptop and know that the odds are better than 90% that the customer can update/upgrade for the typical 5 year lifespan without ending up a mess? Then Linux will stay off my shelves and without retail sales and more importantly support Linux is going nowhere fast on the desktop.

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