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To open Nokia World 2013 in Abu Dhabi, former CEO Stephen Elop unveiled Nokia's first tablet alongside several new handsets. Rumors had been building that some bigger Lumias were coming, with Windows Phone Update 3 including support for 1080p phones, and fuzzy pictures of increasingly larger handsets being leaked. Looking over the lineup and specifications, there's a lot to like in the new Lumias.

I like the new Asha phones the most. The Lumias are just more of the same, and still limited not by hardware, but by software.

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carrier exclusive to at&t again?
by Dano on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 00:32 UTC
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AT&T already got an exclusive on the Lumia 1020, why the hell would Nokia make the 1520 an exclusive also? I wanted to trade my 925 in for a 1520 on t-mobile, but obviously that's not going to happen. And I will move back to AT&T when hell freezes over. The other thing that sucks about the current Lumias is that you need to add a separate back on the phones for wireless charging. This back really prevents you from putting a proper case on the phone. The 925 is pretty thin and difficult to hold when using the camera button because the sides are rounded, so my 925 has already been dropped onto hard surfaces three times since I have owned it, by myself and my wife. I think Nokia actually does it that way to make you have to buy yet another upgrade piece and to encourage you to buy a new phone in a year because it's so scratched up from accidents. If there was another decent manufacturer of Windows phones that had the same or better specs I would consider switching brands, especially to have a decent case WITH wireless charging on board. Windows Phone is not limited by software in any's the built in contact handling and better email apps that smoke other phone OSs. That along with better battery and data consumption management.

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