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Mac OS X

Apple has released OS X 10.9 Mavericks - for free - so it's that time again: John Siracusa's excellent OS X review.

According to Apple, Mavericks has a dual focus. Its first and most important goal is to extend battery life and improve responsiveness. Secondarily, Mavericks aims to add functionality that will appeal to "power users" (Apple's words), a group that may be feeling neglected after enduring two releases of OS X playing iOS dress-up.

Is that enough for Mavericks to live up to its major-release version number and to kick off the next phase of OS X's life? Let's find out.

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RE[4]: support for X years?
by project_2501 on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 13:33 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: support for X years?"
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The two issues are separate.

You can still architect yoru enterprise to be minimally dependent on any particular brand or version - and retain agility to change.

And at the same time have PCI compliance, or compliance to whatever intelligent security or regulatory framework you need to.

No intelligent security/regulatory framework requires you to be locked into a specific brand or technology version and be entagled in a mess of dependencies limiting any kind of cost-effetivce agility.

I repeat - it is not the intention of security or other regaulation to tie your technology in knots.

I didn't mention BYOD, no-one is advocating zero-management for enterprise.

This is the same kind of "lazy defeatist" mentality I see too often in "the enterpise industry".

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