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Mac OS X

Apple has released OS X 10.9 Mavericks - for free - so it's that time again: John Siracusa's excellent OS X review.

According to Apple, Mavericks has a dual focus. Its first and most important goal is to extend battery life and improve responsiveness. Secondarily, Mavericks aims to add functionality that will appeal to "power users" (Apple's words), a group that may be feeling neglected after enduring two releases of OS X playing iOS dress-up.

Is that enough for Mavericks to live up to its major-release version number and to kick off the next phase of OS X's life? Let's find out.

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RE[2]: support for X years?
by project_2501 on Thu 24th Oct 2013 10:09 UTC in reply to "RE: support for X years?"
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Yes, apple's OS only runs on apple hardware. And BBOS runs on Blackberries, and Android runs on nexus etc

So the architectural decision is to grit your teeth and allow the OS and hardware to be bound - but make a clear delineation between (hardware+OS) and (applications, services).

This gives you most of the agility, independence and reduction in lockin and complexity you are aiming for.

How many people or organisations regularly want to change the OS on a piece of hardware anyway? But we do want to be able to have a diversity of them, and not be tied to specific brands or versions when we want to use applications and services.

Is enterprise IT really such a hard problem? Or is it full of chancers who played with Visual Studio Express once ... an article for another day think on the relative quality between the various engineering professions...

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