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We've got some exciting news for BlackBerry 10 customers out there - today your favorite smartphone is getting even better with the release of BlackBerry 10.2 OS, which will available for download starting this week.

I'd love to see a BB10 device out in the wild.

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Installed fine here
by Sparrowhawk on Thu 24th Oct 2013 10:29 UTC
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I installed it on my Z10 last night here in the UK (carrier: 3) - the whole thing took about an hour for the combined download and install (I get ~7Mbps).

So far I've not experienced the overheating issue and the update is very nice indeed. Feature which should have been in earlier releases such as multi-alarms are finally here (so no more need to rely on Calendar app to set multiple alarms as a clunky alternative), and the new enhancements such as lock screen notifications, actionable toast popups and priority Hub are great.

I may be imagining it but it also seems faster - and 10.1 was no slouch.

If only BB10 devices were cheaper, I'd get them for my family, but it looks like my youngest will be getting a Nokia 520 for Christmas instead - unless the BB10 prices drop dramatically before then. The only downer is that BBM is not available on WP as yet.

As an aside, it now looks like John Sculley (ex Apple) wants to bid for BB. There's life in the thorny fruit yet it seems. Source:

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