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Oracle and SUN This article describes in detail what to expect from Sun when it comes to the SPARC platform. The 8-core Niagara chip, now planned for early 2006, is the most impressive: "In practical terms, what Niagara delivers is a chip that consumes about 56 watts that has about the same performance on infrastructure workloads as a four-way SMP rig of Xeon processors or a two-way setup using dual-core Xeons. These Xeon setups will consume hundreds of watts per processor."
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Not so stale
by tony on Mon 18th Jul 2005 16:02 UTC
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Yeah, the SPARC lineup has been getting stale. Especially on the low end, where they still sell 550 and 650 MHz UltraSPARC IIis that were introduced in 2002, and even back then were slow.

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