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Early this year, I decided to take a risk.

As a geek, I like to reward those in the industry that try to be bold. That try to be different. That try to leave the beaten path. That look at the norm in the market, and decide to ignore it. Despite all its flaws, Microsoft did just that with its Metro user interface, incarnations of which are used on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

I was a Windows Phone user since day one. I bought an HTC HD7 somewhere around release day, and imported it into The Netherlands, a year before the platform became available in The Netherlands. I wanted to reward Microsoft's mobile team for trying to be different, for being original, for not copying iOS and Android and instead coming up with something fresh and unique. Despite all the limitations and early adopter issues, I loved it.

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MS has no vision since Bill Gates left
by ezraz on Thu 24th Oct 2013 13:47 UTC
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Copying everyone else cool for 30 years leads you to nowhere in the vision department. They have profit, a strong company, and wide range of entrenched products, but no vision.

I can imagine the iPad, the iPod, even the iPhone being dreamed about, even sketched out, at Apple in the 90's, if not 80's. Look at the newton project. But so many component tech parts needed to be refined (or invented first) for the i-devices to take over.

It's a known fact that the iPod development quickly led to initial proposals for an iPad and iPhone. This would have been around 2000. Us Apple nerds were talking about how the iPod (then firewire) could be your mobile HD will a full OSX user account and just plug into various OSX machines wherever you may be. I don't think we imagined that the on-board OS would be so advanced and powerful, or so cool and touch-y.

If Microsoft would have layed out an actual vision for mobile computing and then took the multiple-year steps needed to set up the environment, they might have made it work.

But instead it's reported that the Surface project was launched 4 months after the iPad1 SHIPPED because it became clear to MS's "braintrust" that the iPad would cut into their PC market.

4 months after it was launched you decide to compete? This is 3 years and 4 months after the first iPhone, since the iPad is nothing more than a larger iPhone.

This shows how far Apple is ahead sometimes. People on this site pull up single products by single makers as examples of being ahead of Apple, but no one designs, builds, markets, and iterates as much cool tech as Apple. And no one comes close to the profit margin either. I'm not business major but I think that's why you bother being in business, right?

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