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Google back in 2005:

There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results pages.

Google today:

The company confirmed to the Guardian that it is testing a system with about 30 advertisers in the US in which it shows banner ads for companies including SouthWest Airlines on pages which include them in web search results.

And people wonder why I have zero trust in companies.

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RE: Sooo...
by bentoo on Thu 24th Oct 2013 19:49 UTC in reply to "Sooo..."
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....exactly how do you expect Google to pay their employees and the costs of all their datacenters and R&D projects etc etc? You don't pay jack for their service so what is there to complain about if there are a few ads?

Wrong. If you pay taxes in most of the free world you pay for Google's services. Google as a company has a long history of taking tax breaks and subsidies from local governments then moving their revenues into off-shore tax shelters. Note this isn't a Google specific problem but we are paying.

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