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Early this year, I decided to take a risk.

As a geek, I like to reward those in the industry that try to be bold. That try to be different. That try to leave the beaten path. That look at the norm in the market, and decide to ignore it. Despite all its flaws, Microsoft did just that with its Metro user interface, incarnations of which are used on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

I was a Windows Phone user since day one. I bought an HTC HD7 somewhere around release day, and imported it into The Netherlands, a year before the platform became available in The Netherlands. I wanted to reward Microsoft's mobile team for trying to be different, for being original, for not copying iOS and Android and instead coming up with something fresh and unique. Despite all the limitations and early adopter issues, I loved it.

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by bassbeast on Fri 25th Oct 2013 12:10 UTC in reply to "Comment by fabrica64"
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If the rumors are true ALL blame at MSFT can be laid square at the feet of one man...Steve Ballmer, because according to rumor Sinofsky wanted to do the SMART move and make Win 8 as Win 7 SE while having Metro be the new mobile and then take any popular bits and later roll them into Windows proper as an optional component, just as Apple has done with OSX/iOS but it was Ballmer that forced him out and went for a lame ass EEE play like it was 2002 and shoved the software out the door before it was ready.

While this is a rumor I tend to put stock in it as it fits what we do know, that Ballmer shoved Vista out the door with everyone saying it wasn't ready (including us beta testers) and he likewise did the same with Winphone 7 as Mr Holwerda found out.

Frankly anybody should have seen this coming as this is Ballmer's MO, see something hot and put out a half baked poorly supported copy which is promptly abandoned when it doesn't do as well as what its knocking off...Zune,Kin,killing PlaysForSure (the ONLY media division they had that was actually GAINING users) for a bad iTunes ripoff Zune market,Sidekick...Ballmer's reign is littered with half baked ideas,poorly supported and abandoned hardware/software.

Hell look at Win 8, if ever the words half baked applied to anything its that mess! I mean here we are on a site DEDICATED to Operating Systems, populated by geeks that LOVE learning new OSes and are happy to dive into even the offbeat OSes like Haiku and ReactOS but when I pointed out how stupid it was to have shutdown under settings I had a half a dozen folks chime in with "So THAT is how you shut it down!" because its got such poor discoverability they couldn't figure out how to shut the stupid thing down! Some were using the power button, others were logging off to find the button, if that doesn't scream bad design I don't know what does.

I only hope the board manages to oust Gates along with his little buddy Ballmer and then if we are all REALLY lucky they'll split the company, bring back Sinofsky and put him in charge of Windows and Office and then put someone else in charge of mobile. Because if they put Elop in the big chair, the guy that thought candy colored Surface RT units were a good idea? Stick a fork, sell the stock, they are toast. If you want to see how much disconnect there is at that company just look at how Win 7 Home costs just $80 at most places while they want $120! for Win 8.1, an OS that nobody wants!

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