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This fascinating documentary was filmed from December 1985 to March 1986 at NeXT's team retreat in Pebble Beach. It offers a rare glimpse of Steve's vision, aspirations and managerial approach.

Remarkable documentary - several planning meetings and discussions during NeXT's early days, with Steve Jobs and his team, many of which also worked on the Macintosh. You have to see this.

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RE[5]: Sorry
by Alfman on Tue 29th Oct 2013 05:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Sorry"
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Who among us aren't ranting for the sake of ranting? As it turns out, this very post is a rant ;)

Now it's likely that many of us do enjoy diving into stimulating topics and truly collaborate with others (as opposed to ranting). I enjoy reading a great technical article and discussing it with others. However would I really be in the minority if I found these moments are dwindling here on osnews? I want this to be a great place to come to collaborate about OS technology (and less about the mobile trends). For better or worse, today's format seems to have attracted a readership that I consider somewhat toxic when it to intelligent discussions; it only takes one over-opinionated poster to reduce the whole discussion to the online equivalent to 'trench warfare'.

In the past, I suggested osnews should get some technical writers to create original content, which we desperately need (IMHO). I suspect Thom might even have agreed with the idea but then I know it costs money. Ironically the good technical articles could even result in *fewer* ad views than the simpler divisive trending articles we have now. Consider the number of comments on technical articles might not even reach the teens, meanwhile the latest [apple/google/ms]-fad is likely to reach 100 for no reason other than people debating why one company is better than others.

Perhaps osnews could run a project of it's own to encourage us to use our collective minds constructively. I think we could find many viable projects that could work, I'd be willing to work with others here on _something_. Our project would get prime coverage here on osnews, which could be exceptionally useful for raising awareness, which is probably the #1 setback for indy projects.

I dunno, what's everyone else think? It would be an interesting opportunity for everyone here to participate in the development of a new project starting from it's inception. Too optimistic?

If you'd be interested Thom, you could start an article asking for project ideas (I have a few), and ideally lay down some ground rules.

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