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This fascinating documentary was filmed from December 1985 to March 1986 at NeXT's team retreat in Pebble Beach. It offers a rare glimpse of Steve's vision, aspirations and managerial approach.

Remarkable documentary - several planning meetings and discussions during NeXT's early days, with Steve Jobs and his team, many of which also worked on the Macintosh. You have to see this.

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by portagekix on Tue 29th Oct 2013 14:35 UTC
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I think one thing that gets lost is all of this discussion that usually devolves into some stupid Android vs. iOS vs. Windows vs. Samsumg vs. whomever or arguments about this or that is the legacy of people. As a progressive individual, I find Andrew Carnagie to be plain awful despite his last moments when he decided to build libraries. He didn't invent the Bessemer Process, but he did revolutionize the production and distribution of the steal. I also have to acknowledge that my life today would be unnoticeable if not for that guy. He was one of the greatest industrialists ever and changed lives in positive and negative ways.

That being said, I tend to view Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the Google guys the same way. They were/are probably not the kind of people I would like to spend any fraction of time with, but as industrialists (if one considers tech an industry, which I think most do), they are unmatched. They are historical figures that will be in U.S./World History books in classrooms around the world in 100 years, 200 years, so on and so forth. All of these guys are probably self absorbed turds, but damn, they revolutionized our world, for everyone.

Reading the comments on this site is tough. Most carry themselves like children who cannot see anything except for what's right in front of their faces. Look at these people in a wider context. Did Steve invent the computer? No. Did he invent the GUI? No. Did he help create an environment where everyone who doesn't feel like learning how to code DOS can use a computer? Yes. Did he create the locked top-to-bottom system that is Apple? Yes. Did Google offer an alternative? Yes. Hurray for capitalism! A little context and perspective might help the usual folks who comment on OSNews. It's not always a Us vs. Them sort of thing. Sometimes, it's just a thing. That's what's being presented here, a moment in history.

Lastly, Thom, don't always agree with you, but love the site because you have a tendency to bring up some good points worth discussion.

Sorry about the rant.

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