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This fascinating documentary was filmed from December 1985 to March 1986 at NeXT's team retreat in Pebble Beach. It offers a rare glimpse of Steve's vision, aspirations and managerial approach.

Remarkable documentary - several planning meetings and discussions during NeXT's early days, with Steve Jobs and his team, many of which also worked on the Macintosh. You have to see this.

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Using a computer and fixing a car is not the same thing. In today's world, using a computer is as important as reading and writing. Especially in urban environments you can't function properly if you don't have some knowledge about computing. It's a basic skill, yet people refuse to learn it properly. And as time goes by, we will become more and more dependent of computers and things will only get worse. For now, smart people suffer because of those who can't be bothered to educate themselves for their own good. It's real life Idiocracy and it's Steve Jobs who started it all.

We force people to go to school and learn reading and writing and basic math. Why can't we make them learn basic computing? It's not like I'm asking they learn origami.

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