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Since my contract renewal was up, I had the option to renew it and buy a new phone alongside with it. Since I have an unofficial policy of never buying into the same platform twice in a row, and because it has been a long time since I bought something from Cupertino, I decided to go with the newest iPhone, the 5S. I'm planning on a more thorough review sometime later this year after more thorough use, but here are a few short first impressions.

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RE[2]: Locked-in Defaults
by intangible on Fri 1st Nov 2013 20:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Locked-in Defaults"
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Apple also blocks anyone from buying anything from your app or even being shown a link unless it goes through their app store (See Amazon's Kindle App, where they're not allowed to mention how much a book costs elsewhere or link to their website).

They also "reserve the right" to not allow any app that "duplicates functionality of Apple apps", and they've flexed that muscle a few times... sometimes not even offering the functionality, then once they offer it, kicking pre-existing apps out of the store (siri-like apps or itunes competitors).
The "moral" rules they use for their approval process is also complete crap .

The amount of "passes" they get on anti-competitive behavior compared to pretty much any other company is absurd. Their continued use of dubious patents to prevent competition instead of creating better products is another aspect of this.

As far as who they're catering to, I don't really care about that... It's not my place to justify their business model, it's my place to buy the product that best fits my needs and support companies that aren't trying to stifle innovation through lawsuits and complete control.

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