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Since my contract renewal was up, I had the option to renew it and buy a new phone alongside with it. Since I have an unofficial policy of never buying into the same platform twice in a row, and because it has been a long time since I bought something from Cupertino, I decided to go with the newest iPhone, the 5S. I'm planning on a more thorough review sometime later this year after more thorough use, but here are a few short first impressions.

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Well, they released the Google Edition version of the HTC One, so you should be able to track down the pure stock rom and install it for your phone... Basically a Nexus version of the One, perfect!

I don't know how anyone can live with Sense honestly, the ugly mismatched icons in menus that were changed for no reason is my biggest pet peeve. Why couldn't they leave the system menus alone? (not to mention the lack of the tethering option for some reason)

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