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Since my contract renewal was up, I had the option to renew it and buy a new phone alongside with it. Since I have an unofficial policy of never buying into the same platform twice in a row, and because it has been a long time since I bought something from Cupertino, I decided to go with the newest iPhone, the 5S. I'm planning on a more thorough review sometime later this year after more thorough use, but here are a few short first impressions.

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RE: Locked-in Defaults
by brichpmr on Sun 3rd Nov 2013 17:01 UTC in reply to "Locked-in Defaults"
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Everyone will have different opinions; but for me, with the exception of Maps and Calendar (where I prefer Google Maps and Fantastical respectively), I find the Apple default apps to be superior....for example, I Use Safari, Atomic Web and Chrome for web browsing on my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini; but I find Safari to be superior for overall use since my bookmarks easily sync with my devices and computers...ymmv.

I agree with Thom's basic assessment that the feel of the iPhone is a cut above most of what the competition offers at this point.

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