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Linux Linux kernel 3.12 has been released. This release includes support for offline deduplication in Btrfs, automatic GPU switching in laptops with dual GPUs, a performance boost for AMD Radeon graphics, better RAID-5 multicore performance, improved handling of out-of-memory situations, improvements to the timerless multitasking mode, separate modesetting and rendering device nodes in the graphics DRM layer, improved locking performance for virtualized guests, XFS directory recursion scalability improvements, new drivers and many small improvements. Here's the full list of changes.
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RE[3]: Btrfs dedup
by ddc_ on Sat 9th Nov 2013 23:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Btrfs dedup"
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Live dedup [...] hurts performance

It is actually very much implementation-dependent. Live dedup trades some expensive writes for much more of less expensive checks, so the outcome depends havily on the usage pattern and algo.

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