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Linux Linux kernel 3.12 has been released. This release includes support for offline deduplication in Btrfs, automatic GPU switching in laptops with dual GPUs, a performance boost for AMD Radeon graphics, better RAID-5 multicore performance, improved handling of out-of-memory situations, improvements to the timerless multitasking mode, separate modesetting and rendering device nodes in the graphics DRM layer, improved locking performance for virtualized guests, XFS directory recursion scalability improvements, new drivers and many small improvements. Here's the full list of changes.
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RE: OOM Killer
by Kebabbert on Mon 11th Nov 2013 20:19 UTC in reply to "OOM Killer"
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Thom, you missed what I'd consider to be one of the bigger highlights: changing the out of memory killer!
"As was described in this June 2013 article, the kernel's out-of-memory (OOM) killer has some inherent reliability problems. A process may have called deeply into the kernel by the time it encounters an OOM condition; when that happens, it is put on hold while the kernel tries to make some memory available. That process may be holding no end of locks, possibly including locks needed to enable a process hit by the OOM killer to exit and release its memory; that means that deadlocks are relatively likely once the system goes into an OOM state.

Linux has never been extremely stable in the past under out of memory conditions, I've always considered the out of memory killer to be major hack for a fundamental problem.

How many other design problems does Linux have that has not been fixed in the year 2013? This is RAM overcommit OOM thing is horrendous, and if you read the article, Linux still has the OOM killing thing going on, but less seldom. No wonder people say Linux is unstable...

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