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Tizen holds the promise on shipping on lots of different devices. Samsung has already been shipping the Samsung NX-300M Camera for the last month or so but Today at the Tizen Developer Summit, Samsung has officially announced that this camera is actually running Tizen!

So, Tizen is now shipping... On a camera. On a related note, Samsung has let out some details of Tizen 3.0, planned for next year. It's going 64bit, will gain multiuser support, and will switch from X to Wayland.

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by ddc_ on Wed 13th Nov 2013 14:30 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by sb56637"
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Oh, you apparently misunderstood me. Let's imagine Samsung developed in-house wonderful power-efficient memory-preserving X11 implementation, which outperforms every other X11 implementation in every aspect. Now, let's be generous and say it only implements a subset of X11. Still, it is a huge waste of camera's processing power, because it doesn't add value to the camera: it doesn't help with focus, color management, lens positioning... It only has to deal with displaying photos, where it doesn't actually help, because all camera needs to display photos is:

1. hardware-accelerated scaler (zoom in/out),
2. hardware-accelerated compositor (a simplistic one, allowing to overlap an image on top of another: osd, button labels, dialogs),
3. specialized DSP (for junk cameras - effects, frames, other similar childish toys; though one used for more or less tricky stuff like autofocus, balance, denoise filter, JPEG optimiser, etc. may be reused here, as it must be otherwise idle at display time).

I believe, Samsung does X11 on this camera not to improve camera, but to improve user experience with camera-related tasks on their phones.

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