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The Computer History Museum (CHM) announced today that it has, with the collaboration of the Digibarn Computer Museum and with permission from Apple Inc., posted the historic original 1978 source code for the Apple II DOS "Disk Operating System."

Pretty cool. More on the Apple II can be found at the Computer History Museum's blog.

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can i finally run Broderbund software?
by ezraz on Thu 14th Nov 2013 16:53 UTC
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How about PFS:Write (maybe that was atari?.

The amount of brain ram i've used to hold computer knowledge since 1985 is intense. I wouldn't be surprised if I started up and launched my 25 years old boxes and remembered passwords and logins.

I mean I hope I wouldn't - but it would be an interesting test. Could you log into your 80's or 90's systems right now?

I have an Atari 130xe from 86 that will still run, with floppy drive and atari-basic. That thing didn't even have passwords. But when I got 1200 baud I went on early 1986 internet, that was probably my first password.

Awwww, my first password, my first security baby...

haha just realized that my first stop on the freenet in 86 was browsing and posting on a library server in northern europe. here i am 27 years later on OSNews, almost the same thing.

nerd question - what baud am i connected at now? i have 25 Mbps into my pad. someone do the translation for me plz

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