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The Computer History Museum (CHM) announced today that it has, with the collaboration of the Digibarn Computer Museum and with permission from Apple Inc., posted the historic original 1978 source code for the Apple II DOS "Disk Operating System."

Pretty cool. More on the Apple II can be found at the Computer History Museum's blog.

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nerd question - what baud am i connected at now? i have 25 Mbps into my pad. someone do the translation for me plz

That would be equivalent to a 24414 KBaud modem. Basically over 435 times faster than an old 56K modem

cool thanks. i've gone from 300 to 24,414k baud. 83x improvement. my very first (gifted) modem had the cradle, aw yeah!

imagine waiting 25 minutes to download 60 seconds of useless video, we would have so much less useless video

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