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The Verge reviews the giant Nokia Lumia 1520:

Samsung and others have proven that there is a market for giant smartphones, warts and all. But that doesn't mean that just any smartphone is better if it's bigger, and the 1520 is a prime example of that. It's bigger and faster than any other Windows Phone yet, but it's not necessarily a better Windows Phone because of that. If all you've ever wanted in life is a Lumia 925 with a magnifying glass on top of it, the 1520 is exactly that. It's a tour de force in resolution and speed, but it's not a great smartphone or even a great replacement for a tablet.

And yet, it'll be a better tablet than any Windows 8.1 RT device. There's something poetic about that.

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RE[2]: Somehow I doubt it
by dvhh on Tue 19th Nov 2013 02:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Somehow I doubt it"
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Among the complains, is that Microsoft push a locked ecosystem on Windows RT, And that the break is only applicable to 3rd party dev (where office on RT exists in the Desktop space of RT).
Plus capitalizing on the "Windows" brand for tablet is not such a good strategy for building an ecosystem that breaks backward compatibility.

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